Treatment with Monica

Therapist, Researcher, Educator

What makes my practice distinctive is a comprehensive background integrating patient-centred evidence-based best practices with your unique treatment needs to help with most musculoskeletal pain and tension problems.

I value patient perspectives and work to offer the many skills and resources I can provide to help manage, change, or resolve pain, changes in function, and other presenting symptoms. I welcome members of the LGBTQ2S community.

My manual osteopathic approach is directed by each person and their goals. The hands-on work may include sustained touch with light to moderate pressure, joint mobilization, muscle stretching and manipulation, and other techniques depending on treatment needs. Positive outcomes of treatment can include pain relief, improved function, quicker rehabilitation, or chronic symptom management. I consider every person seeking treatment to be the expert in their experience, and my role to provide support, information, resources, advocacy, and goal planning to enable you to better manage your condition.



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