About Monica Noy

BSc (Ost), MSc (Rehabilitation), Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

An experienced and empathetic Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Monica aspires to provide persons in pain more effective choices in managing their symptoms and conditions.

Monica considers every person seeking treatment to be the expert in their experience and works collaboratively with you and your team to provide skilled hands-on treatment, and where helpful, information, resources, advocacy, and goal planning to enable you to better manage your condition.

Since graduating from McMaster University with a Masters in Rehabilitation, Monica has joined Sheridan College in helping to develop and create content for the new Honours Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy. Advocating for high standards of education and patient care in the profession in Ontario, Canada, and internationally is ongoing through association Board work, teaching, and independent research.

Downtime sees her caring for her aging cats, and season permitting, a lot of gardening.


  • Master of Science (MSc), Rehabilitation
    • McMaster University, Hamilton
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc), Osteopathy Conversion
    • British College of Osteopathic Medicine and Metropolitan University of London
  • Diploma Osteopathic Practice (Converted to BSc)
    • Canadian College of Osteopathy, Toronto
  • Diploma Massage Therapy
    • Sutherland-Chan Schools Inc., Toronto
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
    • Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
  • Editing Certificate (Editing and Publishing)
    • George Brown College, Toronto



  • Review paper on a person-centred approach to chronic pain for RMTs.
  • Professional Commentary on the biomedical origins of the term osteopathic lesion.

Active Projects

  • Philosophy of Science, and Critical Thinking Courses in Osteopathy, paper in review.
  • Creating a Pain Curriculum for Osteopathy, project in progress.
  • Survey on evidence-based practice in Osteopathy in Canada, submitted for review.
  • Status Survey on Osteopathy in Canada, in progress.


Research literacy, critical thinking, and pain knowledge specific to practice are my education specialties.

  • Current: Course development, Sheridan College Honours Bachelor of Science, Osteopathy
    • The Philosophy and Science of Pain
    • Critical Thinking
  • Ongoing: Continuing Education
    • Pain
    • Evidence-based practices.
  • Former Instructor, Sutherland-Chan Schools Inc.
    • Research
    • Pain

Treatment With Monica

My osteopathic approach is inclusive and directed by each person and their goals. The hands-on work may include sustained touch with light to moderate pressure, joint mobilization, muscle stretching and manipulation, and other techniques depending on treatment needs.

Osteopathic manual therapy can help with muscle, joint, and other symptoms related to many conditions. Positive outcomes of treatment can include pain relief, improved function, speedier recovery and rehabilitation, a decrease in muscle tension and stress, and effective self-management.

Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Therapists (OAO)

Monica is Vice President of the OAO, a voluntary, not-for-profit professional association, promoting the practice of osteopathy and maintaining the standards for safe and effective treatment.

The OAO is committed to fostering the practice and professional advancement of osteopathy by promoting the highest, safest level of osteopathic manual practice. OAO members are dedicated to safe and effective osteopathic treatment.

OAO members undergo a stringent evaluation and application process to demonstrate the required competencies, knowledge, skills, judgment, and ability to meet the exceedingly high standards expected of this professional practice.




Noy, M. (2024). Advancing osteopathic education in Canada: New offerings, new direction. International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, 51, 100697-. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijosm.2023.100697

Noy, M. (2023). Letter to the Editor regarding: Thomson OP, and MacMillan A. What’s wrong with osteopathy? Intern J Osteopath Med. 2023;48:100659. International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, 50, 100675-. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijosm.2023.100675

Noy, M., Macedo, L., & Carlesso, L. (2020). Biomedical origins of the term “osteopathic lesion” and its impact on people in pain. International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, 37, 40–43. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijosm.2020.06.002

Lebert, R., Noy, Ms., Purves, Ms., & Tibbett, P. (2022). Massage Therapy: A Person-Centred Approach to Chronic Pain. International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, 15(3), 27–34. https://doi.org/10.3822/ijtmb.v15i3.713

Lebert, R, Noy, M. Purves, E. Tibbett,J. (2022, September 2). Massage Therapy: A Person-Centred Approach to Chronic Pain | International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork: Research, Education, & Practice. 2022 Sep; 15:3

In Production

National Survey: EBASE Canada, Evidence-based practice by Canadian osteopaths and osteopathic manual practitioners (in Review with IJOM)

Paper: Working Title: Devising a pain education program for osteopaths based on multidisciplinary shared understanding, collaboration, consensus, and scientific advances. In production.

Status Survey of Osteopaths in Canada, ongoing.

Recent Presentations

Sunday, September 17, 2023 Webinar - Clinical Practice Guidelines, Osteopathy BC

Saturday October 21, 2023. Presentation: Devising a Pain Science Course as Core Curriculum for Osteopaths. London, UK.

Thursday October 26, 2023. Webinar - Three Strategies to Keep on Top of Pain Knowledge, RMTAO