I’ve been a manual therapist since 2003, first massage and then osteopathy. My practice is hands-on work combined with education and movement strategies, and I have an extensive toolbox of techniques for finding the right treatment for each unique situation.

Along with meeting and treating people my passions include teaching, reviewing research, study and keeping up with the happenings in the manual therapy field. I’ve completed a BA, a BSc., become a registered massage therapist and a manual osteopathic practitioner.

My current venture is a Masters in Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University with a large focus on pain science.

I teach Research Literacy at Sutherland-Chan, and provide con-ed courses for RMT’s. My current courses are Critical Thinking and Pain Science Introduction.

Monica Noy Osteopathy (MNO)

MNO is a private practice located in a multidisciplinary clinic just south of Bloor on the west side of Spadina Avenue.

My practice is that of a sole practitioner, but two other practitioners work out of MNO. Samantha Joubert, PT and osteopathic thesis writer, and Dr. Tae Hart, psychologist. As well I work often with Tricia Twogood, a PT in the clinic.

MNO’s philosophy is that you are in charge of your own health, but that we can provide a helping hand when there is pain or dysfunction that you are not able to deal with on your own.