Patience, Planning, Persistence and the Right Treatment

It turns out that changes in pain, mobility and health are most effective when they are active.

Sometimes activity is limited by pain, which is where manual treatment like osteopathy and massage can be optimally effective.

Osteopathic and massage techniques such as sustained touch, gentle rhythmic movement, joint mobilization and other soft tissue modulation can be used to help increase relaxation states, decrease pain perception and allow better and easier mobility.

When there is less pain there is usually better movement and strategies to take advantage of that are key.

Movement strategies are developed depending on how they can be fit into normal activities of daily life and graded to ensure both tolerance and progression while avoiding, as much as possible, boom/bust scenarios that might lead to flare-up.

With complex persistent pain states changing that pain experience can be challenging and improvements can seem achingly slow. The experience can also be punctuated by flare-ups that feel like going two steps backward, but are actually normal (though not necessarily welcome) consequences of challenging pain thresholds and can provide valuable information for planning and progression.

Becoming educated about what pain is and why it takes persistence to change it can help with that challenge. Treatment plans that encourage active participation in health care go beyond management to really helping to change the pain experience.

Though pain relief can sometimes be dramatic, such as with acute episodes, the complex and dynamic nature of persistent pain means that more might be needed. Manual treatment, education and movement strategies may provide a valuable part of a more comprehensive treatment plan that includes working with your MD, specialist physicians and other health care professionals.

Ultimately any treatment geared toward helping with pain should help you as the person experiencing the pain gain a greater understanding and sense of influence over your own well being.