What to Expect

When you Book

There's no paperwork anymore as most of the forms are electronic and sent to you by email when you book. If you have any issues accessing those forms don't worry, we'll do a verbal intake when you come in. Bring in any scans or reports you believe are relevant to your issue.

Please wear or bring comfortable clothing such as leggings, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, tracksuits. Anything that allows you too freely move around or be comfortable in when lying down.

Your First Visit

We'll have a discussion about the issue you have, expectations, and goals for treatment. I'll take a health history and we'll do a bit more of a deep dive into any persistent issues like pain or muscle tension that you might be experiencing. I'll do a physical assessment within your movement tolerance that may include mobility, range of motion, walking assessment, nerve assessment, as well as muscle tension and tenderness.

There will usually always be time for hands-on work. Depending on the extent of the issue and your experience with treatment it can be beneficial to be introduced to osteopathic touch to determine your reaction and any modifications going forward.

Your consent for the assessment, examination, and any treatment is paramount and ongoing. If at any time during the assessment and treatment you are uncomfortable, experiencing pain, or even just annoyance, please speak up. Everyone responds differently to treatment and I need you to keep me informed.

Subsequent Visits

More hands-on treatment! Once we have a plan in place we can monitor how things are going each session. Generally goals include a reduction in symptom intensity and frequency, and better management between treatments.

I can provide movement activities, but these are usually geared toward decreasing muscle tension and pain. I work with physio's and other practitioners who can develop rehabilitation plans for strength.

Usually I like to see some progression or change after the first three or four treatments to indicate we're on the right track and can start increasing time between sessions. Ultimately the goal of treatment is to get you to a place where you can manage as well as possible without the need for frequent intervention.


In complex or persistent conditions that need more investigation I can provide a letter for you and your doctor that outlines a symptom picture and pain assessment, provides information about those issues that may be addressed with osteopathic treatment, and highlights those issues that may require further investigation. Information on how your symptoms present or can be interacting and what can/or can’t be reasonably addressed with manual therapies can help facilitate the conversation for next steps when you follow up with your doctor